Daily Review.
         Vehicle Inspection Check List.
         Start of Operation.
         Do's and Don'ts.
         Traffic Rules to follow.
         Documents at vehicle.
         Qualified Driver.
         Training Programmed for Drivers.

> SRM Transports India Private Limited is currently managing a Fleet of more
    than 170 buses for our in-house educational institutions.
> SRM Transports India Private Limited is also managing separately a fleet of
    more than 40 buses for our Daily regular services.
> Professionally managed having well trained and committed staff.
> Single solutions provider for all automobile related needs.
>Strict compliance to the legal and statutory requirements related to
    vehicles,services and people.
> Having a back up fleet of vehicles to address contingencies.
> Expertise in Vehicle Maintenance in the form of trained technicians, thereby
    ensuring smooth, trouble free running of vehicles.

     Having a control room with all facilities for monitoring the movement of  
SRM Travels, being in the forefront of the Traveling Industry in Tamilnadu, have explicit policies and programmed for safe passage of the commuters from the starting point to the end of their journey with the absolute aim of ZERO ACCIDENT condition for all the commuters at all times.
SRM Travels maintains the vehicles in sound operating condition, maintaining the emission level well below that stipulated in the statutory condition. The noise level of the exhaust (silencer) is kept very much below the permissible limit.
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